Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ketchup or No Ketchup. That shouldn't be a question.

Okay folks. So recently I found myself on an extremely tight lunch schedule. Due to unusual circumstances I was forced to drive to a restaurant, order, pay, eat, and drive back to where I needed to be in the space of just half an hour. I decided (against my current dieting guidelines) to stop by Wendy’s for a good old JBC (that’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger for all you folk ignorant in Wendy’s slang). Along with my JBC I also ordered a small fry (as in the food not the person) just to make the fast food binge complete. As I drove away I hastily opened my brown sack of goods and began digging greedily into the French fries. I looked down into the bag and to my dismay found that there was NO ketchup! No ketchup in the bag – again! So there I sit with this carton of crisp, hot, salty French fries with absolutely no cool tomatoey ketchup with which to enjoy them. And certainly not enough time to turn the car around and ask for some. Now, I say ‘again’ because this has been a recurring theme of late. And not just from Wendy’s – they’re all to blame! McDonald’s, A&W, Burger King… Since when do you not give ketchup packets to your faithful fry-eating friends? The justification for this omission is clearly beyond me as I believe that ketchup with your fries is just a given. As I told Kevin that night on the phone – they’re French fries for Pete’s sake, giving ketchup with them is just common courtesy. They shouldn’t have to ask me if I want ketchup in the bag (not that they did mind you). Of course I want ketchup in the bag! I’m eating French fries. What do these people eat with their French fries – air? If somebody doesn’t want ketchup in their bag they can tell you or they can give it to their buddy or their dog. The point is I want ketchup in my bag to go with my fries. There is no question. 


  1. Yeah, you're back!!!!
    Hey Mel you should have phoned Wendy's and complained! They might have given you free fries!! Dad just phoned A&W because they completely forgot his fries and not only did they give him fries but a free teen burger!
    As for me when I'm travelling I like just fries, ketchup is messy especially if you're driving!
    Enjoy reading your blog, hint, hint!!!

  2. A good trick I use whenever I order fries is to ask for them with no salt. They then have to make a whole new batch from scratch. Ta-da! Fresh, hot crispy fries... No old, soggy ones. Works every time. As for the ketchup dilemma, I usually have my hand in the bag munching away on the fries that I don't even need ketchup. But that's just me. ;)

  3. More power to you Mel! I'm with you on the Ketchup boat. :D :D Great post, I really do love reading your writing.

  4. no ketchup it takes away from the salty flavor and adds tomato flavor